Your Team, With Wings

Success is best achieved by knowing what needs doing, collaborating to make progress, and measuring the results. Propellor includes tools to make task management as effortless as possible, great collaboration tools for your team and clients, and powerful reporting and progress tracking dashboards.

Task Management

Easily organise the tasks for you, your team, and even associates. Slice and dice them however you want, even choose what tasks are called.

Delegation Tools

Delegate and share tasks to team members, or groups of members, tie them to KPI's and even include them in your processes

Project Management

Create projects with deadlines and stages, include team members, customers, suppliers, or other associates

Powerful Reporting Tools

Use Dashboards to see what you need to look at right now, see how you are performing in terms of timescales or other targets

Work Your Way

Use spaces to organise your work how you want to Share a workspace with a client, view your teams work, or look at everything you need to do

Manage Customer Care

Instantly see what you need to do for a customer, how much you have done for them in the past, and how well you are looking after them

Keep your Promises

Propellor helps you keep your promises by making to-do lists easy to manage, automating processes and reminding you when deadlines are in danger of slipping.

Collaborate with your team

Propellor lets you share your promises with your team, organise promises into team portals, and collaborate with clients or other stakeholders. Delegate rather than abdicate important tasks.

Measure progress & results

Propellor includes numerous ways to track and measure success. Dashboards show you what is important and allows you to track performance in many ways. Propellor Metrics adds powerful Key Performance Indicators to your progress.


Secure Cloud Application

Maximum availability from any browser and hosted Microsofts Industry leading Cloud Platforms, Azure

Add-Ons and Integrations

Integrate with Gmail, Exchange, Drop Box and many more. If you have operational software then Propellor can integrate with it.

"We use Propellor as a team so we can all see what needs doing and which enquiries are near to our service level guarantees. It works great for us!"
Business Transformational Coach
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