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projects & promises

It's time to ditch the Post-its

Propellor provides a quick way to add Promises, using the Quick Promise panel. The quick promise panel is found on a number of different pages, but for the purposes of this walkthrough we will use the dashboard. Propellor allows you to share promises with users on other accounts, or even with other people who haven’t signed up for Propellor. In either case, the user will be able to view the promise that you have shared with them, but they will not be able to edit it or see any other information on your account – you have control over who you share your promises with.
Teams & Organisations

Together, we can do so much

If you have a number of users on your Propellor subscription, you might want to split them up into separate groups in order to assign promises so that everyone in that group can see them at once. Propellor provides “Teams” that provide you with this capability. Following the simple team set up wizard will guide you through the process of creating a new team.
sharing & permissions

Share and delegate like a pro

Use best practice to manage your time, group tasks together and delegate to others. Prioritise tasks to ensure they are the first thing you do. Let Propellor notify you when a task is at risk of missing its deadline, so you can allocate time and resources even better.
Reporting & communication

Share and delegate like a pro

Easily share tasks with your team mates. Delegate tasks without losing ownership, and even share tasks with customers, suppliers or any other associates. Organise your teams so that they can see team tasks as well as their own. Covering for absent colleagues is made easier , so team KPI's can still be met.
business on purpose

Everything you need to see available at a glance

With many ways to get an overview of your business, you can start to work towards your goals.

Custom Dashboards

Dashboards show you an easy overview of your business and anything that may need focussing on to meet your goals.

Key Performance Indicators

Include important measurements that determine how your team and your business is doing.

Areas of Impact

Include areas of impact in Propellor, shaping the software around what's important to you and your business.


Propellor lets you know when there are issues you need to check out, or lets you know when your team has great results,

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