Why Propellor

Propellor exists to answer a seemingly straghtforward problem.

Why is it so difficult for teams to realise their potential?

Did you know that 50% of businesses are closed within the first 5 years? Only 10% of businesses ever reach a turnover of 1 million, and only 10% of those, or 0.4 %, ever reach a turnover of 10 million. We found this incredible. We think most people want to do better, want to reach their potential. After all, humanity’s most enduring qualities are those of curiosity and hope. We are naturally curious to climb that next mountain, explore that long path, or reach for the next horizon, in the hope that something better lies beyond.

team success climbing mountain

We want to help more people achieve their goals, and research shows that if you write goals down, share them with others, and measure and report your progress, you are more likely to achieve them. Logic says that if this works for the individual, then it should work for a group of people too, assuming they have similar goals.

Our first product in this vein is our team app. We have designed it to help more businesses succeed, by aiding task management, collaboration, and showing results. There are a lot of features and more get added each week, but we are mindful that we are creating something that you should love to use, and you don’t want to be greeted by a Aircraft flight deck when you login.

If you have a small business or find yourself managing a small team project then Propellor provides a great way of working together to make it a success. It is free for teams with 3 people, has a 30 day free trial for larger teams and we welcome any and all feedback which might help us improve our product.

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