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The easiest way to improve your daily productivity

How often do you experience days when you feel you got nothing done? Starting that Monday morning with every intention of having a great day but then as soon as you get started you are suddenly wading through treacle. These … Read More

Introduction to using Propellor

Propellor can allow your business to reach its full potential. It can help your business grow by using the right tools what are provided by Propellor. The video below tells you about Propellor, why it was created, what you can achieve … Read More

Increasing Initiative in teams

Many business owners complain that their employees struggle to work on their own initiative,  yet when most businesses are focused on results and not on simply trying, then it is no wonder employees will be fearful of working on their … Read More

How to use the Quick Promise Tool

One of the many reasons we created Propellor was simply that it was too difficult to keep promises up to date, or to delegate or even just pass a message on. We loved the Twitter interface for sending short messages … Read More

Small Businesses Fail because they can’t Scale

Our vision is to help teams become more successful, and logically we started asking questions about why small businesses and teams fail. Although there are many ways, means, and excuses when it comes to a post mortem, there is one … Read More

What you Measure you Manage

It is an old adage that what you measure you manage, and even though we are experiencing great technological change which impacts our work, that adage still rings true. Despite that, it is still amazing how few people and businesses … Read More

Why Propellor

Propellor exists to answer a seemingly straghtforward problem. Why is it so difficult for teams to realise their potential? Did you know that 50% of businesses are closed within the first 5 years? Only 10% of businesses ever reach a … Read More

How engaged is your team?

70% of employees are termed disengaged in the workplace, which basically means 7 out of 10 employees would rather be somewhere else! It is easy to understand why many teams and businesses do not reach their maximum potential.  As a leader … Read More