How to use the Quick Promise Tool

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-09-47-32One of the many reasons we created Propellor was simply that it was too difficult to keep promises up to date, or to delegate or even just pass a message on. We loved the Twitter interface for sending short messages and so we adopted some of the same shortcuts when creating a quick promise, and it is so effective that 90% of the time we use the quick promise box rather than the more cumbersome but more refined wizard.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Quick Promise tool;

The quick promise tool will understand dates and days so if you simply type tomorrow, or Thursday for example, Propellor will select the most appropriate date.

You can assign yourself promises by using @me. This is great for those quick promises you think about but the team doesn’t need to know. Using the @ sign you can also assign the promise to a colleague by Using @ and then start typing their name. Propellor will popup a quick list showing your colleagues so you can pick one. You can assign a promise to multiple people.

Hashtags are very powerful in Propellor and can be used in many ways. Use a hashtag to label a promise with a contact or organisation, or use the hashtag to assign a promise to an internal team.

Heres how a few promises can be typed just using the quick promise tool

‘Read the latest sales report @me Wednesday’

Call Pam back tomorrow regarding Email issue #Pam #Support

Call Phil today about new bug found in software @martin #software

The quick promise tool is a great way to quickly and easily add promises to Propellor for you and your team, and we are constantly improving the way it works and what you can do within it, with the aim of making it the most popular way of adding promises in Propellor.

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